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Reporting on the business and news of Venture Builders.

Studio Upstart is your go-to source for all things Startup Studio and Venture Building. 

As these new innovation entities become increasingly common, it's important that we all have a shared understanding of what they do, who they're for, and what kinds of trends are moving the market.


Venture Builders are not like other Startup support entities (accelerators/ incubators/ VC Firms) - they exist to perfect a Startup launching model that is repeatable, sustainable, and profitable.

Ambitious, I know. 

​But that's why the world has fallen in love with Startup Studios. They combine the best parts of startup experimenting, ideation, exploring, funding, launching, and growing in incredibly unique ways to bring new innovation to the world at speed and scale.

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Happy Venturing! 

About Me

Dianna Lesage

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Founder & Editor

I have always appreciated innovation. As a child I would go around the house and find things that could be improved on (like the annoying twist ties on bread and the fact that washers and dryers are separate units- if the dishwasher can dry dishes...)- I didn't know it at the time but entrepreneurship would become a lifelong passion of mine. After starting a few companies (sold one and settled a name-based infringement law suit on another) I realized that my calling was in exploring ventures and analyzing them rather than founding and running them.

I stumbled upon startup studios in 2016 as I was graduating from Suffolk University (major: entrepreneurship- obviously!) and was instantly fascinated by the uniqueness of their business model. After studying them for a while and interviewing anyone with connections to the inner workings of these entities, I decided to launch this blog, a YouTube show, and a Startup Studio community to help others learn about and get involved with the Studio industry. I am always open to connecting and I can't wait to see where the journey takes us!

Want to contribute to the blog or be a guest on the show? Email: info@studioupstart.com

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